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Buyisiwe Njoko is a mom, a writer, a songwriter, a philosopher, a teacher, a free thinker, a humanitarian who believes in liberty and the vocalist of Sun Xa Experiment.

In this interview she talks about the importance of professionalism, having your affairs in order, being present as a mother, the role of the extended family, and the need for the industry to support the mental health aspects of parenting and performing.

Show Notes

[02.02] Music as a calling.

[05.43] Sun Xa Experiment – the evolution of a band.

[08.56] A mum and her son.

[10.34] The importance of professionalism.

 [13.03] The impact of children on a music career, and the role of the family.

[14.40] Some of the challenges faced as a parent.

[15.55] A support system.

 [17.11] Mum is for caring.

[18.33] It’s different now.

[21.01] Children and music.

[23.50] How the industry could better support parents.

 [26.41] The impact of parenthood on creativity.

 [31.47] Local artist to look out for.

 [34.06] Advice for indie artist / parents.

Connect with Buyisiwe on social media

You can find Buyisiwe on Instagram, as well as Sun Xa Experiment. Head over to Bandcamp to buy Sun Xa Experiment’s music, or to explore the Bandcamp of Digging Thoughts.

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Buyiswe’s local music recommendations: 

Africa Cele

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“The more I sang, the more I found myself.” – Buyisiwe Njoko

“It’s no longer a job, it’s a service.” – Buyisiwe Njoko

“When you are a parent, you need to be a person with order.” – Buyisiwe Njoko


“Having family, that’s what really brought sanity to me, and I’m just grateful for that.” – Buyisiwe Njoko

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