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Shane Durrant is a musician, a songwriter, a creative director, and a dad. He’s also the frontman of the band Desmond and the Tutus.

Tune in to this episode to listen to a delightful conversation about whether (or not) you HAVE to give up your career in a rock band when you become a parent (and how being the primary caregiver could impact that choice). We also chat about MySpace and the (crazy cool) opportunities it manifested, 15 years of being in a band, how having kids can change the creative process, the value of culture and music and how financial support for artists is an investment.

Show Notes 

[02.49] A high school obsession with being in a band.

[05.27] 15 years and some highlights (Plus an informal cultural exchange programme with Japan!)

[08.43] A decision to have kids.

[09.30] The impact of children on a music career, and whether being in a rock band needs to be a pre-kids life.

[11.09] And if you were the primary care-giver?

[13.46] The impact of a music career on kids this age.

[16.13] The fans perception of a member of a band becoming a parent.

[17.54] Some of the challenges

[19.20] A support system.

[21.50] Industry support for parents?

[25.39] The creative process after kids.

[29.53] Writing songs about your children.

[31.15] Local music recommendations.

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Bonus Content

Shane’s local music recommendation: 


Bongeziwe Mabandla



Find Bongeziwe on Facebook.


Bongeziwe Mabandla photographed by Justice Mukheli



“Like a lot of punk bands, we kind of started as a joke.” – Shane Durrant

“It’s just the best thing I’ve done with my time.” – Shane Durrant

“The longer you’re around, different stuff is important to you.” – Shane Durrant

“A huge credit to my wife Angie, because she gets it.” – Shane Durrant

“I think that it is easier for men, by a long shot, to keep going. I can’t see how that gets easier, or gets different, or gets better.” – Shane Durrant

“The moments that define parenting are these brief moments of intense joy.” – Shane Durrant



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